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Understanding the Astrology Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a legendary activist who believed in equality, justice, and fairness. He is best remembered for advancing civil rights in America through powerful rhetoric, organized marches, civil disobedience, and other nonviolent means. Take the time to learn more about this hero’s astrology chart in honor of the upcoming Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Understanding MLK’s horoscope and  moon phase will give you a deeper appreciation of his incredible legacy.

What is the horoscope of Martin Luther King Jr.?

Your horoscope and zodiac sign is determined by the time and location of your birth. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on Tuesday, January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. During his birth, the moon phase was a waxing crescent moon. According to his astrological chart, Dr. King is a Capricorn.

The Impact of Being a Capricorn

Due to the position of his sun sign, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is considered to be a Capricorn. This zodiac sign is known for being ambitious, consistent, intellectual, and hard working. Dr. King’s leadership skills and passion for equality may have been boosted by his astrological chart. The cosmic energy of the universe could be the inspiration that led this legendary humanitarian on his journey.

The Moon Phase and Moon Sign of MLK

When evaluating someone’s horoscope, the position of the sun is what determines their zodiac sign; however, the position of the moon is also an important aspect of their birth chart that must be understood. To determine how certain celestial energy will impact your life, you must first know the location and phase of the moon from the time of your birth. When Martin Luther King Jr. was born, the moon was a waxing crescent moon located in Pisces.

People who areborn during the moon phase of a waxing crescent are destined to embrace progress, growth, and change throughout their life. They are also often known as being ambitious, adventurous, and resilient. The power of this moon phase undoubtedly influenced MLK to be the heroic leader of change that we all remember.

Aside from hismoon phase , it is also important to look at Dr. King’s moon sign. Your moon sign has a profound effect on your emotions, passions, and moods. Due to the location of the moon at the time of his birth, MLK’s moon sign is considered to be Pisces. Having a moon sign in Pisces makes you more likely to be compassionate, generous, and forgiving. 

The Astrological Chart of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

When you evaluate the astrological chart of MLK, it becomes obvious how profoundly his horoscope impacted his personality. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Capricorn with a moon sign in Pisces, and he embodied this energy fully. With the help of astrology, we can understand the depths of Dr. King’s compassion, courage, and ambition. Honor his legacy on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day by learning more about his horoscope.

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Dora Garza
Dora Garza

January 27, 2021

All I order, comes to. Me, sooner Than I believed and they are beautiful, out of the. Noem, but thats the point, Thank you

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