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Ways to Improve Your Yoga Practice

The year 2020 is finally in the past! Now that we’ve made it to 2021, it’s time to start living to our full potential. Do you want to become a better and more balanced version of yourself? One way to honor your mind, body, and spirit in the new year is to improve your yoga practice. The purpose of yoga is more than just physical exercise; it is also about strengthening the mind-body connection. If you want to improve your yoga practice, read this helpful guide of tips.

Set a Resolution

If you feel like your yoga practice has plateaued or declined, it may help you to work towards a defined goal. Now is the perfect time of year toset a New Years resolution. What do you want to achieve in your yoga practice? Set a goal to practice daily, to be able to perform an inversion, or to be able to touch your toes.

Stretch Daily

Flexibility is an important aspect of yoga, so it’s essential to stretch every day if you want to improve your overall practice. Different yoga poses will help you stretch out your muscles, including your legs, arms, back, chest, and neck. It’s important to stretch out every part of your body, even your fingers and toes. 

Start a Routine

Your yoga flow will never improve if you don’t stick to aconsistent routine. Whether you choose to practice in the morning, afternoon, or night, the most important thing is that you keep showing up to your mat. Even if you’re feeling tired or upset and don’t feel like exercising, you may be surprised to find that yoga will energize you. 

Practice Mindfulness

The key to success in yoga is the ability to find a mind-body connection. Without mindfulness, yoga practice is nothing more than a series of silly poses. Only when we are experiencing mindfulness can we get the full benefits from yoga. Try practicing mindfulness every day by meditating, journaling, or self-reflecting.

Connect With Your Horoscope

Yoga is a spiritual practice that balances your energy and reconnects your soul to the cosmos. Honoring your zodiac sign and your unique role in the universe will naturally improve your yoga flow. Some ways that you can connect with your horoscope is to indulge in sunlight and moonlight, socialize with likeminded people, and wear anenchanted constellation necklace

Use Breathwork

As you move through your yoga flow, it’s important to stay connected with your breath. Breathe in as you reach up towards the stars, and breathe out as you bring your hands down towards the earth. You are moving energy through your body and aligning yourself with the universe with each inhale and exhale.

Join a Yoga Class

Whether you go to a yoga studio or join an online class, it’s beneficial to learn with the help of a professional instructor and a group of peers. With the feedback of others, you may be able to improve new areas of your yoga practice and reach new goals.

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