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What The Moon Phase On Your Birthday Says About You

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The moon phase that you were born under could have a drastic effect on your personality, mood, interests, and even your destiny. How exactly does the moon influence your life in this way? Consider how the phases of the moon affect the tides in the ocean. Since our bodies are composed of mostly water, it makes sense that these tidal forces can influence us directly. The moon phase from your birthdate can act as a powerful guide for the rest of your life.

The easiest way to figure out the moon phase from your birthday is to use a  moon phase calculator. Once you’ve determined the type of moon you were born under, you can begin to discover what this says about you. Continue reading to see how being born on the different moon phases can influence your entire life.

Born On a New Moon

Being born on a New Moon is a magical and profound experience. During this phase, the night sky is dark and the moon is hidden. Although the moon is invisible and weak at this time, its influences are still meaningful. People born during the New Moon phase are adventurous, enthusiastic, and creative. They enjoy trying new things and facing new challenges in life. Sometimes, people born under a New Moon have a hard time trusting others.

Born on a Waxing Crescent Moon

A Waxing Moon is the transitional phase between the New Moon and First Quarter phase. Since the moon is growing during this period, being born on this phase usually leads to growth in life too. 

A Waxing Crescent is a small sliver of a moon, occurring directly after the New Moon. People born during a Waxing Crescent experience most of the same effects as someone born under a New Moon. These people are generally adventurous, ambitious, and productive. However, unlike people born under a New Moon, someone with a Waxing Crescent phase may be more averse to risk.

Born on a First Quarter

Being born during the First Quarter moon phase makes you a well-rounded person filled with potential. The First Quarter is when exactly half of the moon is illuminated, meaning you are equally under the influence of dark and light. This phase is symbolic of both growth and restraint. People born during this moon phase are capable, strong individuals, but they may need extra motivation to reach their goals.

Born on a Waxing Gibbous Moon

A Waxing Gibbous is the end of the Waxing Moon phase, right before the Full Moon phase. Since the moon is almost completely full at this time, the effects are very strong. People born under a Waxing Gibbous are great at forming relationships, since they’re so compassionate and motivated. Having a Waxing Gibbous birthday may make you positive and enthusiastic, but it may also cause you to be fickle and indecisive. 

Born on a Full Moon

People born under a Full Moon are incredible, powerful, unique individuals. The Full Moon phase is when the moon is at its brightest and most empowering. The intense pull of a Full Moon can create brutal waves and drive people to lunacy. There’s a reason that the Full Moon plays such a large role in myths and legends, like werewolves.

If you were born under a Full Moon, you likely have a free spirit with a wild heart. Being born during this moon phase can cause people to be impulsive, passionate, and energetic. This can lead to incredible success, or a life of chaos.

Born on a Waning Gibbous Moon

A Waning Gibbous Moon is the transformative phase which leads the Full Moon into the Last Quarter. The moon is beginning to disappear into the sky, symbolizing self-reflection and rebirth. A Waning Gibbous is the first step of the Full Moon beginning to wane. 

At this phase, the moon is still bright and mostly full. Since the effects of the moon are so strong during this phase, people born beneath it are filled with potential. Individuals born on a Waning Gibbous are highly self-aware, giving them a unique potential for growth. They make great communicators, but sometimes need to remind themselves when it’s time to listen.

Born on a Last Quarter

Being born during the Last Quarter moon phase can influence your life in many ways. This phase, in between the Waning Gibbous and Waning Crescent, occurs when the moon is still 50% illuminated. The Last Quarter symbolizes letting go of the past and looking toward the future. For people born under the Last Quarter, it can be difficult or frightening to leave the past behind. Nonetheless, they’re loyal, sentimental, and caring individuals.

Born on a Waning Crescent Moon

A Waning Crescent is the very last phase of the moon before the New Moon. The moon may be small at this stage, but its effects are still extremely powerful. A Waning Crescent is a wise, aged moon that has already experienced every phase in the cycle. This causes people born under a Waning Crescent to possess special talents or knowledge. Having this unique perspective can lead to a life of success, imagination, and fulfillment. However, this can also make it difficult to connect with people or form relationships. 

Connect With Your Moon Phase

Once you know your moon phase and understand it influences your life, you can begin to reach your full potential. When we tune into the moon’s energies, our spiritual, mental, and physical abilities are heightened. Whether you were born during the Full Moon, the New Moon, or during a phase in between, you are affected by these forces. If you understand how the moon influences you, you can connect with it and control it. Take pride in the moon phase you were born beneath and live your life to the fullest.

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July 23, 2020

Really glad to say that your article is very useful to me. I study astrology with https://horo.io/, and such articles help me better understand this. Thank you for explaining in such detail how the lunar phase on my birthday affects my life.

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