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What Does the Moon Say About Your Relationship?


The presence of the moon impacts your life in more ways than you might expect. From the moment of your birth, the positioning of the moon and the phase of the moon have influenced you. Reading your birth chart to discover your astrological moon sign and using amoon phase calculator to learn about your lunar profile will give you deeper insight into your own mind and spirit. 

Once you understand how the moon affects you personally, you might wonder what does the moon say about your relationship? The moon phase that was in the night sky the date your relationship started can tell you a lot about your compatibility and future. 

Moon Phases and Relationships

The different moon phases radiate different energies, which influence our moods, desires, and passions. Over the course of your relationship, the moon has played a silent but important role. Consider what the moon looked like when you met, during your first kiss, on your anniversary, or during any other significant date. If you understand the meaning behind each moon phase, you can gain greater insight into those special moments and into your relationship as a whole.

New Moon

Symbolic of new beginnings and fresh starts, the New Moon is a promising place in the lunar cycle to start a relationship. A nurturing energy in the atmosphere encourages strong bonds to develop and inspires renewal and rebirth. Be cautious and diligent though, since this moon phase invites darkness into the universe.

Waxing Crescent Moon

As the lightness within the moon grows, you can expect to feel a strong sense of intention. This moon phase says that your relationship is stable, honest, and developing in a clear direction. Your relationship will expand deeply, so it’s important to remember to always stay true to yourself and never sacrifice your values or beliefs.

First Quarter Moon

During the First Quarter Moon, when the moon is halfway illuminated, you may feel a burst of energy and an ambitious passion. Representative of growth and planning, this moon phase may be telling you that you have an important decision to make. Spend time setting goals and thinking about any unanswered questions within your relationship, or within yourself.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

When the moon is more light than dark, during the Waxing Gibbous Moon stage, you may feel contemplative and reflective. Symbolic of refinement and development, the Waxing Gibbous Moon offers increased self awareness. This moon phase says that your relationship is meditative, prosperous, and ultimately rewarding. 

Full Moon

The Full Moon offers powerful strengthening energy and intensely heightened emotions. This may encourage you to be bold, take chances, and make risky decisions. When evaluating your relationship based on this moon phase, be sure to consider how the celestial energy affected your impulsiveness and decision making skills.

Waning Gibbous Moon

Although the moon is still more than halfway illuminated at the Waning Gibbous Moon phase, the darkness has begun to creep over the surface. This moon phase signifies that your relationship is realistic, fair, and reliable. When this moon phase is present during significant events, you may feel a bond to your partner that is stronger than normal.

Last Quarter Moon

Your relationship is silently guided by the moon, and the Last Quarter Moon is a powerful influence towards rejuvenation, forgiveness, and revival. This moon phase is a perfect spot in the lunar cycle to rekindle old feelings and reminisce about fond memories. The forces from this moon phase will inject a soft, healing energy and sense of nostalgia into your relationship.

Waning Crescent Moon

As the Waning Crescent Moon slips into darkness, a mysterious energy takes over the night sky. This moon phase encourages secrets, surprises, puzzles, and curiosity. These elements can add a sense of thrill into your relationship, or they could cause problems if not managed in the right way. 

With clear communication and honest intention, any relationship can thrive and be successful. Although the moon influences us in numerous ways, the true fate of your relationship can only be determined by you and your partner. With luck, the moon will also be on your side to encourage your growth with positive energy. 

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Dora Garza
Dora Garza

August 20, 2021

Love every item I order, its not just the. Item but the story behind it, Thank you,


August 17, 2021

The Moon Phase Cycles are very powerful forces that monitors your mood. It is imperative to know the moon cycle daily.
New Moon starts your journey to understand the 29.5 day cycle of your daily moods.

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