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What is Your Love Language Based on Astrology?

In order to build strong relationships in life, it’s important to understand your own love language. How do you show affection, experience love, and build a connection? Your love language describes how you best develop intimate bonds with others. The five universal love languages are: words of affirmation, acts of service, gift giving, quality time, and physical touch.

Astrology plays a major role in shaping our desires, mindsets, and moods. For this reason, your zodiac sign can also influence your love language. Find out what your love language is according to astrology and use that knowledge to start boosting your relationships.

Aries - Quality Time

Spending time with your partner is a great way to show them that you value the moments you share together. The zodiac sign Aries is influenced by intense, compassionate energy, which makes any demonstration of dedication extra special to their heart. If you want to build a relationship with an Aries, plan a romantic date together or an exciting weekend getaway.

Taurus - Physical Touch

Holding hands, cuddling, and kissing are deeply intimate ways of bonding. For a Taurus, physical touch is the ideal way to express sensuality, sincerity, and stability. To develop a deeper relationship with a Taurus, allow yourself to be completely vulnerable and open to exploring bodily connections.

Gemini - Words of Affirmation

Clear communication and genuine praise is an excellent foundation for any relationship. Geminis thrive on words of affirmation since they are so sociable, articulate, and sentimental. Try expressing yourself in a love note or a poem to open up the heart of a Gemini.

Cancer - Acts of Service

Putting time, effort, and energy into an act of service is a great way to express your unconditional love. Since Cancers have such a nurturing disposition, it makes sense that they naturally take on the role of being a caretaker. To express your gratitude and admiration for the special Cancer in your life, try helping them out with their daily tasks. 

Leo - Gift Giving

Giving or receiving a thoughtful gift is a timeless expression of love. Known for being intellectual and honorable, Leos appreciate receiving tokens of affection that can be admired and displayed. If you’re trying to bond with a Leo, consider gifting them a meaningful present.

Virgo - Acts of Service

Many people agree that when it comes to relationships, actions speak louder than words. Virgos need to experience acts of service in order to feel appreciated, stable, and loved. Ask the Virgos in your life what you can do to make their day easier and more pleasant.

Libra - Words of Affirmation

Having a partner reassure you and reaffirm the relationship can feel extremely validating. According to astrology, Libras are driven by clear communication and stable bonds. If you want to speak the love language of a Libra, you will need to effectively articulate the depth of your feelings using words.

Scorpio - Physical Touch

Whether you’re hugging a close friend or sharing an intimate, sexual moment with a lover, physical touch can strengthen any bond. Scorpios tend to have a high libideo and a ferocious appetite for giving and receiving pleasure. Take your relationship with a Scorpio to the next level by offering them a sensual massage or exploring a new realm of intimacy.

Sagittarius - Quality Time

Our time is truly one of the most valuable things that we can share with another human. Since Sagitarrius is strongly associated with adventure and exploration, it makes sense that they would love spending time together discovering everything the world has to offer. If you’re starting a relationship with this zodiac sign, it could be fun to try new activities or explore new restaurants together.

Capricorn - Words of Affirmation

There is no greater feeling than hearing someone you love explain all the reasons that they adore you too. Capricorns, being ambitious and articulate, feel the most fulfilled in their relationships when there is clear, consistent communication. If you’re trying to strengthen your bond with a Capricorn, choose your words carefully and allow yourself to be vulnerable. 

Aquarius - Gift Giving

The love language of gift giving relies on the thoughtfulness of the gesture rather than on the material possessions being exchanged. Since air signs like Aquarius love surprises, the impact of giving a gift to them is stronger. For gift giving ideas, listen to your partner when they tell you about their favorite snacks, brands, or hobbies.

Pisces - Acts of Service

It’s important in relationships to show up for your loved one and assure them that you have their back. According to astrology, the zodiac sign Pisces is influenced by a strong sense of morality, compassion, and empathy. Acts of service towards a Pisces is a sure way to lighten their mood and open up their heart.

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