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A Guide to Special Moon Types

Every moon phase, lunar alignment, and celestial event has a unique influence over the world. The powerful impact that the moon has over us at all times cannot be denied. However, it is also true that there are certain special moons that hold even deeper significance and radiate even more powerful energy than standard moon phases. Learn more about what these special moon types mean and how they can influence your life.


Bold, robust energy flows from the Supermoon to increase your sense of courage and confidence. Supermoons occur when there is a Full Moon at the point in orbit when the moon is closest to the Earth. At this time, the moon can appear up to 30% brighter and 15% larger. The close proximity of the moon makes its influence over us stronger.

Blood Moon

During the Blood Moon, you may feel a shifting in your desires and a change of attitude. Blood Moons occur in a total lunar eclipse when the moon dips low in the horizon and becomes stained with a bloody red surface. This lunar event is stunning to witness, and acts as an excellent reminder of the fiery passion in each of our hearts. 

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon offers an opportunity for reflection, growth, and personal development. The nearest Full Moon to the Fall Equinox is granted the title of Harvest Moon. Absorbing the celestial energy in the air at this time may increase your self awareness and ability to set and reach goals. 


Be gentle with yourself during Micromoons, since they may influence your emotional reactivity and sense of vulnerability. Opposite of a Supermoon, a Micromoon occurs when the moon and Earth are furthest apart. If you approach this lunar event with an open mind and sensitive heart, you will thrive and be successful.

Blue Moon

Blue Moons have the ability to increase your luck and chances of serendipity. During typical years there are 12 Full Moons; however, every once in a while, a year will be blessed with a bonus Full Moon called a Blue Moon. Many people meditate during Blue Moons in order to better absorb the lunar energy and reach their full potential in life.

Black Moon 

A Black Moon shares many similarities with a Blue Moon and a New Moon. Much like a Blue Moon, a Black Moon is an extra Full Moon, however this one appears as the second Full Moon in one month rather than as the 13th Full Moon in one year. Black Moons are also similar to New Moons in the sense that they are not visible, and that the subtle energy radiating from them is only felt rather than seen. 

Is Your Moon Phase Special?

The moon phase that you are born under has an impact over the course of your entire life. Were you born during a special moon, like a Supermoon or Blue Moon? Using amoon phase calculator can help you determine how these special moons have influenced you since birth.

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