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Perfecting Your Morning Routine with Your Moon Phase

It’s important to have a solid morning routine even if you aren’t a morning person. How we spend our mornings sets us up for the rest of the day. If you want to be successful and attract positive energy into your life, start by improving your morning routine. With the right routine in place, you can achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself possible.

The Benefits of Having a Morning Routine

Morning routines are so important because they offer a wide range of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. It can seem daunting to create a morning routine and stick to it every day, but the benefits are worth it. Once you’ve gotten into your routine, you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel overall.

Mental Benefits

Starting your morning off right will give you newfound mental clarity and help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Successful people often use their morning routine as a source of inspiration and motivation. By following a routine, you may also see mental benefits such as improved focus, memory, and cognitive abilities. 

Physical Benefits 

Don’t underestimate the physical benefits a morning routine can provide. Following a morning routine is a simple and effective way to reduce stress, which can improve your overall health. Reducing your stress and maintaining a routine can lead to improved heart health, lower blood pressure, and boosted energy levels.

Spiritual Benefits

Morning routines are essential for our overall wellbeing, including our spirit and our soul. Perfecting your morning routine will help you harness the power of the cosmos and connect to your inner self. We are only able to reach our true potential when we nourish our spirit and our relationship to the universe.

Wake Up Early

Begin your morning routine by waking up early. You can choose whatever time you want, but make sure you stay consistent and wake up early enough to absorb the energy from the rising sun. 

Have Coffee or Tea

A hot cup of coffee, tea, or some other caffeinated drink is a great way to jumpstart your morning and harness the energy you’ll need throughout the day. Start your morning right by filling up a cosmicnordic mug with your favorite breakfast beverage. Connecting with a meaningful moon phase during your morning routine will help center your energy so that you feel balanced throughout the day.


Journaling is an incredibly powerful tool for processing your emotions and opening your mind up to new perspectives. If you’re interested in keeping a daily journal, you should consider incorporating it into your morning routine. Take the time each morning to write down your thoughts, goals, feelings, and ideas. 


How often do you take the time to breathe, clear your mind, and focus on the present moment? Meditation should be a part of your daily morning routine. If you spend just five minutes every morning meditating and breathing deeply, you will begin to see results. Meditation provides a unique clarity and a boost to your mental, physical, and spiritual health.


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