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Spooky Gifts to Prepare for Halloween

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Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time to start getting into the spooky spirit. This year will be a truly special occasion because October 2020 features two full moons. The month will begin with a full moon on October 1st and then end with another full moon on Halloween night, October 31st. The last time that a full moon occurred on Halloween night was in 2001. This year, the full moon on Halloween night will be a rare blue moon.

Are you prepared for Halloween? This extraordinary cosmic event will energize the spirits and lead to an unforgettable holiday. Celebrate Halloween this year with spooky gifts that will delight your loved ones.

Full Moon Wall Sticker

Bring the full moon right into your home with thiscelestial wall sticker. This realistic moon features precise details including craters, mountains, lakes, and more. Hang up this sticker at your Halloween party to create a spooky atmosphere.

Witchy Gift Set

This  spooky gift set is perfect for anyone who loves autumn, Halloween, or witches. Scents like Apple Cider Donut, Fallen Leaves, and Pumpkin Spice will fill you with joy throughout the season. Each set comes complete with a candle and a bar of soap.

Blue Moon Candle

A lovely  blue moon candle is the perfect Halloween gift since a real blue moon will appear in the night sky on Halloween this year. The best way to celebrate this rare occasion is to share this gift with your friends and family. A blue moon on Halloween only occurs once every 19 years, so it’s important to cherish this experience.

Scary Spider Planter

Liven up your Halloween decorations this year with aspooky planter in the shape of a terrifying spider. This planter comes complete with a live Tillandsia plant, making it the perfect gift for a nature lover. 

Custom Moon Art

Give your loved one the gift of custom moon art and help them always remember what the cosmos looked like on Halloween 2020. A print that features theexact moon phase on October 31st is a unique and thoughtful gift. Thishandmade felt patch is another ideal way to commemorate the full blue moon that will grace the night sky on Halloween. Created with glow-in-the-dark thread, this present is sure to put anyone in the Halloween spirit.

Spooky Shot Glasses

Watching scary movies is a beloved Halloween tradition. These  spooky shot glassesfeature the most infamous villains from classic horror movies. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, these shot glasses are the perfect way to add some extra fright. These glasses also make the ideal gift for any horror lovers in your life.

Full Moon Jewelry

A  gift set of personalized moon jewelry is the perfect present for anyone who loves astrology, Halloween, or space in general. This luxury gift will make an already unforgettable Halloween even more special. 

The Best Gifts for Halloween

Halloween 2020 will be an incredibly unique occasion due to the full blue moon in the sky. This cosmic event only occurs every 19 years, making it a rare and powerful experience. Celebrate this special moment and prepare for Halloween with the perfect gifts and decorations.

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dora garza-chapa
dora garza-chapa

October 22, 2020

just love all your items, and I Thank you for it.

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