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October Influencer Highlight - Logan aka The Biz Witch

Happy Witch-tober! Meet Logan our October Influencer of the month! Take a dive into her journey with being a mom, a CEO and how she never felt she fit in with organized religion. Her love for crystals led to her spiritual journey and guides her as a business woman and a leader. 

1. Tell us a Bit About Yourself

Yeah! Of course! I'm Logan, The Biz Witch and Queen of Aligned Business Strategy. I help purpose-driven women blend soul and strategy to build their aligned, online empires. I've been doing this work for about a year now, and I love it! When I'm not being HBIC of my own empire, I'm mommy-ing it up with my 3 little Queens at home. I've got 3 daughters - 6 years, 19 months, and 6 months. I live together with them and their dad in Asheville, NC in our cozy little home. It's better than I could have ever dreamed. 

2. What inspired your Spiritual Journey?

So I never really felt at-home with organized religion. I went to church as a kid and into my teenage years just kind of searching for my place and answers, you know? And it just never felt like me, if that makes sense. So I started exploring spirituality instead. I'd always been into crystals and things like that, so I just started following those nudges instead of trying to force myself into a box I obviously did not fit into. One thing led to another and here we are.

3. What inspired you to start your own website, and what’s one thing you wish you had known when you began?

So I started my website (www.xologano.com) because I started my business. It was one of those things where I felt like I needed one to be "legit", which looking back now I can see is so, so silly lol. So that's what I wish I would have known - that you don't need a website to be a "legit" business owner. You don't really need much of anything other than belief in yourself and the ability to serve and help others. The internal belief can be tricky, so we tend to lean on those external things like websites, but really business success, like most things in life, is all about belief and energy!

4. What advice would you give someone who is just starting off on their own spiritual journey?

Follow what lights you up. Period. There's no "right way" to be spiritual. Everyone's path looks so different. I remember when I was first starting out I would try to make my practices look like everyone else's or try to make them "IG worthy". But what I found was that, that really watered down the potency of what I was doing and it took me out of flow because it wasn't me. Most of the time we struggle to trust ourselves though, which is why we try to emulate other people's paths. Don't do that. lol It may work for a while, but the truth will come out in the end. So just follow what lights you up. Give yourself permission to explore and try new things. You'll eventually navigate the waters and find the practices that are best fit for you, and you'll leave behind the ones that aren't. Just remember - you can't fuck it up.

5. What is the one common myth about your profession or field that you want to debunk?

Mmmmmm. Love this question! As a business coach, I see lots of women always just wanting the strategy. Like "tell me what to DO in order to be successful" - but success has nothing to do with what you're "doing" and everything to do with who you're "being". The focus needs to be less on how to be successful and more on who you need to become to receive the success. It's all vibes and energy. Your strategy can be on point, but if you don't have the vibes and belief to back it - it'll fall flat every time. So, less doing, more being. Less strategy and more soul!

6. Where can our readers connect with you online?

Find me on the Gram, fam - @the_bizwitch - I'd love to connect!

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