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Understanding the Influence of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde began June 18, 2020 in the zodiac sign of Cancer. You may have trouble connecting with others or expressing yourself during this period. Times of planetary retrograde are often considered to be challenging and chaotic. You may experience some significant life changes during Mercury Retrograde that could lead you down a path towards either failure or success. 

How will you cope with the Mercury Retrograde? The cosmic forces from the planet will affect each person differently depending on their zodiac sign. You can reach your full potential and avoid potential setbacks by fully understanding how the Mercury Retrograde will personally affect you.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde refers to the period of time when Mercury appears to travel backwards in its orbit. This reverse motion is only an optical illusion, but its influence over us is very real. 

What causes the Mercury Retrograde? This apparent backward motion is caused by the relative positions of the Earth and Sun in respect to the other planets. As the planets interact with each other and speed past one another in orbit, some may appear to move backward across the sky. The speed that the planets travel around the Sun can affect our ability to accurately track their path with the naked eye. During Mercury Retrograde, we can witness the apparent reverse orbit of the planet of Mercury.

How Mercury Retrograde Influences Your Life

It may be surprising that Mercury Retrograde can have such a strong influence over your life. After all, the retrograde orbit is only an illusion. Nonetheless, periods of retrograde are commonly associated with chaos, confusion, miscommunication, and change. If you’ve been feeling stressed out or overwhelmed lately, the power of the planets may be to blame.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

The Mercury Retrograde beginning June 18, 2020 will occur in the zodiac sign of Cancer. People with this zodiac sign are known to be sentimental, compassionate, and protective. If you are a Cancer, you may consider yourself to be family oriented or a social butterfly. Cancers are commonly driven in life by their relationships, and have a desire to connect with other people. 

During Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, you may experience issues with communication, trust, loyalty, self expression, or commitment. You may find yourself to be highly emotional during this time period. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer can lead to high tensions, hurt feelings, and miscommunication. For this reason, many people dread periods of planetary retrograde. However, there are some positive opportunities that can arise during this time as well. Change and growth are inevitable during Mercury Retrograde, giving you the perfect chance to alter your life direction and meet your goals.

Your Zodiac Sign and Mercury Retrograde

What is your zodiac sign? Not every person will be affected by the Mercury Retrograde in the same way. Depending on when you were born, these cosmic energies could have a weak or strong influence over your destiny. Obviously, people with the Cancer zodiac sign will be the most profoundly affected during Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. The forces of the universe are aligned perfectly for maximum impact at this time.

Other zodiac signs that will be strongly influenced include Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra. For people with these signs, you may be experiencing intense emotions, impulsive thoughts, and overwhelming feelings. However, if your sign is Scorpio or Pisces, you can expect to feel the least amount of influence. The forces of the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer have a weak impact on these two signs, although you still may feel some unexplained energies.

Achieve Success During Mercury Retrograde

How can you cope with the Mercury Retrograde and fight back against these chaotic forces? Once you understand the true influence of the planets and zodiac signs, you can take control of your destiny. It’s possible to not only survive the retrograde, but also thrive. You can use this opportunity to become more self aware and spiritually awake. With the universe as your guide, you can achieve your goals and become a success.

During Mercury Retrograde, it is important to remain peaceful and balanced. Remember that you have the power to control even your strongest emotions and desires. Do not allow negative energy to enter your body and poison your spirit with feelings of guilt, shame, or regret. As long as you nourish your relationships and keep your goals in mind, you can thrive during this Mercury Retrograde in Cancer.

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