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How The Moon Phase On Your Wedding Day Can Influence Your Relationship

Planning your wedding and choosing the perfect date can be an overwhelming task, especially in the current state of the world. It may be difficult to feel romantic and coordinate special events as the coronavirus pandemic continues to present itself as a real threat. What can you do to pick the perfect wedding date and add a little lunar magic into your relationship? This guide will help you plan your wedding around choose the rightmoon jewelry for you and your partner.

How Will the Moon Phase Impact Your Wedding?

The phases of the moon and the powerful forces of the lunar cycle affect every aspect of our lives. This kind of cosmic energy is able to impact our personalities, moods, desires, values, and more. Just as the moon influences the tides in the ocean, it can also impact the state of your relationships. Whichever moon phase corresponds with your wedding date will always hold a level of significance and power.

How Will COVID-19 Impact Your Wedding?

If you were planning to get married in 2020, you may now be experiencing hardships and delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since large gatherings are so risky at this time, many weddings are being postponed. Although this may seem like a bad omen, it could actually be a blessing in disguise. Now you have the opportunity to rethink your wedding date and take your vows beneath the perfect moon phase. Which moon phase is the ideal choice for your unique relationship and special union?

Married Under a Full Moon

The Full Moon is one of the most popular moon phases for cosmically connected couples to wed beneath. When the moon is fully illuminated, its influence over the earth is heightened. During this stage, you may feel passionate, ambitious, energetic, and courageous. These powerful traits are exactly what you want to embody on your wedding date and throughout the course of your relationship.


The lunar energy of a Full Moon is intense and powerful, yet also harmonious and balanced. These cosmic forces are an excellent guide for balancing lightness with darkness and masculinity with femininity. Being married under a Full Moon signifies that your relationship will be blessed with balance, equality, and unity. Furthermore, you and your partner will experience a lifetime of passion and deep connection.

Married Under a New Moon

Being married beneath a New Moon is a wonderful choice for couples who value growth and new beginnings. This moon phase is the start of the lunar cycle, representing rebirth, realization, and fresh intentions. Since your wedding day will mark the beginning of your marriage, a New Moon could be the perfect symbol to incorporate into the ceremony.


What kind of emotions and desires do you want to experience during your wedding ceremony? The cosmic energy from a New Moon can inspire feelings of creativity, vitality, and compassion. Being married beneath this moon phase is an excellent way to nurture your relationship and foster lifelong feelings of love. Couples who are married under a New Moon will begin their marriage with pure intentions and elevated energies.

Married Under a Waxing or Waning Moon

Although it is a less popular choice, being married beneath a waxing or waning moon can offer your relationship several important benefits. This moon phase represents growth and change, which is vital to any healthy relationship. If you want your marriage to last forever, you will have to grow, adapt, and change with your partner over time. If you do not evolve with your spouse, you will end up growing apart. 


The waxing and waning moon phases provide the perfect opportunity for introspection and self-realization. Being married during one of these moon phases signifies that your relationship will be able to grow and adapt, and will not easily be broken. Couples who are wed beneath a transitioning moon will experience a fulfilling journey as a married couple.

Marriage and Your Moon Phase

If you want your marriage to last forever, it’s important to have the forces of the universe on your side. Understanding the moon phases and how they influence your life and relationships can help guide you to success. Embrace the cosmic energies on an ever deeper level by wearingmoon jewelry during your ceremony or on your honeymoon. When we tune into the strength of the moon, our true destiny is revealed. 

Which moon phase speaks to the values within your relationship? Every couple is unique, and will have different hopes, dreams, and needs. Whether you were married during the Full Moon or the New Moon, the fate of your relationship will now be forever intertwined with these forces.

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