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Setting Soul Intentions With the Moon

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If you’re wondering how to find purpose in your life, you should start by setting a soul intention. Aligning yourself with the universe in this way will help you discover your truest desires and lead you towards a path of success. Setting intentions is a deeper and more meaningful process than simply setting goals. To create a soul intention that represents your entire being, you must look both inward at your core values and outward at your horoscope. 

What is a Soul Intention?

A soul intention is a commitment to realign your whole self with your true values. By setting a soul intention, you are devoting your energy into becoming a version of your future self that makes you proud. What kind of person do you want to be? It’s possible to reinvent yourself and embody an essence of authenticity. A soul intention is different than a goal because it is a complete shift in mindset rather than an objective.

Intention Setting Ritual

Setting soulful intentions can be an intimate and in-depth process. Taking the time tolearn about your moon phase, zodiac sign, and astrological alignments beforehand may help you choose an intention that truly resonates with your whole being. Once you’re ready to become your future self, you can set a soul intention by following four simple steps.


To begin setting soul intentions, you must first physically, mentally, and emotionally declutter. Start by cleaning up your surrounding area and creating a space of peace, harmony, and stillness. Then, you can mentally and emotionally declutter by clearing your mind. Take deep breaths and journal out any thoughts that you have, releasing them from your brain and putting them on paper.


Find mindfulness to connect with your innermost thoughts, emotions, and desires. Focus on staying in the present moment and feeling your place in the universe. As you meditate, you will be able to observe your spiritual nature at a higher level.


Allow your head and heart to fill with dreams, ambitions, passions, and opportunities. Use this moment to visualize the person that you are destined to become. What kind of thought patterns will you need to adopt and what kind of actions will you need to take? What is your higher calling in the universe?


Once you have discovered your truest values and desires, you must commit to embodying them each and every day. Set a soul intention while you visualize the moon, allowing you to thrive in this new cycle of your life.

Understanding Your Soul Intention Meaning and Importance

Once you’ve set a soul intention, it is important to acknowledge how this will shift the direction of your future. You will now be guided by your soul on a journey of self discovery, growth, and success. If you honor the importance of your soul intention, you will thrive as a spiritual being and reach your full potential. As the moon naturally cycles through phases, so do human beings. At the end of the day, as long as you have a soul intention to guide you, you will never be lost or without purpose. 

1 Response

Ema Luna
Ema Luna

April 30, 2021

I’ve tried so many ways and times to be my own person and change a lot of my thought process and self acceptance. This process sounds like it will work for me.

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