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Astrology Gift Guide - Gifts for a Friend in 2020

If you’re holiday shopping for a friend, it’s important to keep their unique tastes and interests in mind. For zodiac lovers and horoscope readers, this collection of moon jewelry and astrology gifts is perfect. Get the people you cherish the most the perfect gifts this year by following this cosmic gift guide. Your friends will feel truly blessed to receive any of these thoughtful and unique gifts.

1. Lunar Tumbler

Your friends will appreciate getting a gift they can actually use this year. This insulatedLunar Tumbler is an excellent solution for keeping your drink warm or cold throughout the day. Personalize this gift with your loved one’s lunar profile and the moon phase associated with their birthday or any other special date.

2. Constellation Necklace

The twelve major constellations in the night sky represent the twelve signs of the zodiac. ThisConstellation Necklace is a great gift for a friend to honor their horoscope. Each necklace features an arrangement of stars made to the specifications of the actual constellation. The wearer of this necklace will be enchanted by the universe with courage, wisdom, and good luck.

3. Astrological Candle


Our zodiac sign influences our desires, preferences, and moods. ThisAstrological Candle is custom blended to perfectly align with any given horoscope. Help your friends reach their full potential by personalizing this candle to be their ideal fragrance. The right blend of essential oils in the natural soy wax can unlock heightened spiritual awareness.

4. Moon Phase Wine Glass

Raise a glass to your friendship and drink to good health with thisMoon Phase Wine Glass. These custom wine glasses feature the lunar profile and moon phase from any given date, making them perfect for toasting to special occasions. The best part of this gift is that it can be used right away for having fun. 

5. Zodiac Pillow Cover

This holiday season, give your friends a gift that makes them feel more connected to their zodiac sign This handmadeZodiac Pillow Cover is a lovely decoration piece that also makes a strong spiritual statement. Your friend will love the beautiful artwork which is designed to represent their unique cosmic connection to the universe.

6. Moon Phase Keychain

If you’re looking for a holiday stocking stuffer for a friend, you’ll love thisMoon Phase Keychain. Personalized to display the exact moon phase from any date, this keychain is great for commemorating special memories. This unique gift is thoughtful, practical, and trendy.

7. Personalized Astrology Book


Give your friend the gift of personal clarity and cosmic insight this year. ThisPersonalized Astrology Bookcontains a detailed horoscope analysis based on birthday and location of birth. The stars and moon phase we’re born beneath influence us for our entire lives. Not only can your friend use this book to understand themselves more deeply, but it also has a charming celestial aesthetic that makes it perfect for displaying on coffee tables or bookcases. 

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