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Astrology Gift Guide 2020 - Gifts Under $50

Save money this holiday season and still buy the perfect presents for your loved ones by following our astrology gift guide. This list contains the hottest holiday gifts of 2020 that cost $50 or less. Show your friends and family that you care with these one-of-a-kind personalized zodiac gifts.  

1. Birthstone Bangle

According to astrology, the date of someone’s birth has profound effects on their personality, moods, and desires. TheBirthstone Bangle is the perfect gift for honoring the unique cosmic energy your loved one received at birth. Personalize this bracelet with the birthstone of your choosing and the moon phase that was present in the night sky on your special date.

2. Zodiac Art Print

A customZodiac Art Print is the perfect gift for an art lover. These unique prints represent the twelve zodiac signs as women rather than as their traditional embodiments. If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind holiday gift, these variety of prints may be the best choice for you. 

3. Moon Phase Nordic Mug

The best gifts in life are unique, personalized, and functional. TheMoon Phase Nordic Mug is an excellent gift for anyone interested in astrology. Each cup is customized to display the moon phase from any special date you want to commemorate, such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday celebration. 

4. Gravity Necklace

Moon jewelry is a great holiday present to consider for the astrology lover in your life. ThisGravity Necklace is a simple yet elegant way to commemorate a special day or meaningful milestone. Customize this necklace to display the exact moon phase from any given date. The most special gift you can ever give to someone is the gift of a lasting memory.

5. Astrological Candle

People love getting personalized gifts made especially for their zodiac sign. Show your friends and family how much you care this holiday season with a customAstrological Candle blended specifically for their horoscope. These natural soy candles are scented with calming fragrances to offer peace, resilience, and energy. 

6. Constellation Necklace

Our zodiac signs are determined by which of the twelve major constellations we were born beneath. TheConstellation Necklace is a great holiday gift for anyone who loves astrology and is proud of their horoscope. Each necklace features a custom arrangement of stars in the shape of your zodiac sign. 

7. Zodiac Pillow Cover

For a truly unique holiday gift, consider getting aZodiac Pillow Cover for your friends and family. These handmade pillow covers are a great way to brighten up a room and enhance the spiritual energy of a space. The stunning custom artwork on these pillow covers perfectly embodies the twelve zodiac signs.

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