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Which Fast Food Chain is Your Zodiac Sign?

Fast food is a delicious and convenient guilty pleasure. Whether you’re in the mood for burgers, tacos, pizza, or some other yummy treat, there’s sure to be a chain restaurant ready to satisfy your desires. The unique flavors available across the fast food market share many similarities with the different zodiac signs. Find out which fast food restaurant best represents your personality based on your zodiac sign.

Aries - Popeyes

As an Aries, you can appreciate bold flavors and adventurous tastes. Popeyes offers a powerful blend of Louisiana spices that packs a punch. You are best represented by food that is fiery, bold, and memorable.

Taurus - Subway

The zodiac sign Taurus is methodical and patient with a desire to always be in control. For this reason, being able to directly supervise your sandwich being made at Subway is a huge bonus. You are best symbolized by fast food that is orderly, fresh, and personal. 

Gemini - McDonald’s

Geminis tend to be amicable, adaptable, and social individuals. An internationally popular fast food chain like McDonald’s highlights the special ability of Geminis to get along with nearly anyone. You are best characterized by food that is versatile, agreeable, and grounded.

Cancer - Panera Bread

As a Cancer, you enjoy sharing with others and building a sense of community. At Panera Bread, you can get a wide variety of items, including sandwiches, soups, and salads, which can then be shared, or enjoyed alone. You are best represented by fast food that is welcoming, adventurous, and compassionate.

Leo - Burger King

According to astrology, Leos are reliable and down to earth. Burger King offers consistently delicious meals that can be easily customized your own way. You are best embodied by food that is stable, satisfying, and trustworthy.

Virgo - Starbucks

Virgos are sometimes known as perfectionists. If you need some extra energy to help motivate you through an ambitious day, a coffee and snack from Starbucks could be the perfect treat. You are best symbolized by food that is vibrant, assertive, and sweet. 

Libra - Wendy’s

The zodiac sign Libra is characterized as being very self reflective, kind, and intelligent. Wendy’s serves a good range of solid options without offering an overwhelming amount of choices. You are best reflected by fast food that is consistent, patient, and rewarding.

Scorpio - Taco Bell

Scorpios are loyal yet mysterious. The menu at Taco Bell is vast, often changing, and endlessly customizable. You are best represented by food that is adventurous, dynamic, and adaptable.

Sagittarius - Domino’s

According to astrology, the zodiac sign of Sagittarius is ruled by a whimsical, adventurous energy. Domino’s is an iconic pizza restaurant that offers a wide range of pizzas, pastas, salads, calzones, and other Italian-inspired treats. You are best characterized by food that is worldly, zesty, and fun.

Capricorn - Denny’s

Capricorns may be known for being a unique blend of goofy and adventurous along with driven and stable. Denny’s is a late-night classic that combines fast food with table service and good times. You are best embodied by food that is noteworthy, daring, and fulfilling.

Aquarius - Sonic Drive-In

The zodiac sign Aquarius is influenced by calming, peaceful energy. At Sonic Drive-In, you can chill out and enjoy your meal with a signature drink. You are best symbolized by fast food that is relaxing, balanced, and colorful.

Pisces - Dunkin’ Donuts

As a Pisces, your key traits make you more likely to be a compassionate and gentle soul. For a sweet donut and a creamy coffee treat, there’s no place better than Dunkin’. You are best represented by fast food that is energetic, sweet, and empathetic.

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