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Special Traditional Full Moon Names

Each and every Full Moon radiates a unique celestial energy. For this reason, there are special traditional Full Moon names associated with each month’s lunar cycle. These names were created by Native Americans. Learning what these names are and what they mean will help you better connect to their power.

The energy that comes from the moon is affected by the time of year, the current zodiac season, and the planetary alignment of the universe. The power of these special Full Moons can be felt in our thought processes and in our emotional cores. Read this guide to learn about traditional Full Moon names and use amoon phase calculator to determine if any significant dates for you occurred during a special Full Moon.

January: Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon marks the start of the year and the rise of the winter constellations. This lunar event is also sometimes referred to as the Old Moon or the Moon after Yule. You can expect to feel an increase in teamwork and bravery as this moon works to strengthen your own personal wolf pack.

February: Snow Moon

The Snow Moon hangs in the night sky during the month of the highest anticipated snowfall. Some tribes have also referred to this moon as the Hunger Moon, since it arises in times of scarcity. Absorbing the power of this Full Moon will increase your focus, determination, patience, and ambition. 

March: Worm Moon

As the soft dirt of spring is revealed beneath the melting snow, the Worm Moon shines brightly on the earth. Other names for this special Full Moon include the Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon, and Paschal Moon. The energy from this moon is nurturing and revitalizing in nature.

April: Pink Moon

The Pink Moon honors the vibrant, beautiful colors of the season. This moon phase is also known as the Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, and Fish Moon. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to be reborn, this event is the perfect opportunity for positive development and transformation.

May: Flower Moon

The powerful energy that encourages plants to blossom and grow is also found inside the Flower Moon. This time of abundance is also referred to as the Milk Moon or Corn Planting Moon. These lunar forces will have a strong physical impact on you, making you feel energized and empowered.

June: Strawberry Moon

Lightness and positivity float through the universe when the Strawberry Moon is in the night sky. Also known as the Rose Moon, this stunning Full Moon glows with an incredible red aura. Use this opportunity for self reflection and setting goals for the rest of the year.

July: Buck Moon

The Buck Moon has been granted that title because it shines over the new antlers of deer who are blossoming into their full potential. Some other names this Full Moon is called include the Thunder Moon and Hay Moon. If you want to realign your spirit and reconnect with nature, take the time to meditate in the glow of this moon phase.

August: Sturgeon Moon

Whether you’re interested in fishing or farming, the Sturgeon Moon brings forward abundance, prosperity, and luck. Different Native American tribes had different names for this lunar event, including the Green Corn Moon and Grain Moon. You can expect to experience good fortune during this time period.

September: Harvest Moon

Out of all the traditional Full Moons, the Harvest Moon is perhaps the most well known and widely celebrated. The bright light from this enormous, glowing moon phase has helped farmers prosper throughout history. As you gaze upon the Harvest Moon during the fall equinox, you will feel waves of blessings wash over you.

October: Hunter’s Moon

The Hunter’s Moon radiates dark, mysterious energy that can weigh heavily on your mind and soul if you aren’t prepared. This ominous moon is sometimes called the Dying Grass Moon, Blood Moon, or Sanguine Moon. Stay vigilant during this time and take care of yourself by protecting your energy.

November: Beaver Moon

The Beaver Moon was named by Native Americans in honor of the beaver, since it is gifted with warm winter furs and becomes active during this time of year. Other names for this stage of the lunar cycle include the Oak Moon and Frosty Moon. Connecting with this Full Moon can increase your feelings of devotion and determination.

December: Cold Moon

The Cold Moon, the last Full Moon of the year, is symbolic of closure, peace, and reconciliation. You may also hear this moon phase called the Long Night Moon or the Moon Before Yule. Use the power of this moon to reflect on your victories and struggles throughout the year, and then set intentions for the future. 



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